Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Old Man And The Agarbattis (Part 2)

The wife and I, accompanied by Dr. DJ (he of the surgical misadventures) and his wife, The Nag, returned to Badshah Kulfi the other night.

And the Old Man was there as well.

That night, for the first time, I saw him accepting charity, but I couldn’t bring myself to give him money for no reason. There is something called dignity, after all.

When he came around to sell me some agarbattis, I finally asked him what he was doing selling agarbattis so late at night, at his age.

It turns out he’s had an accident, and needs surgery to fix his damaged back and knee. He lives near Metro Adlabs, and spends his time trying to accumulate the cash for the operation.

He didn’t specify how much cash he needed. But Dr. DJ says that surgery and post-operative care will add up to at least Rs. 1 lakh.

So now, the mission is clear: to find a charitable trust who is willing to pay for this guy’s surgery. Any help would be more than welcome.

In the meanwhile, I’m also trying something with one of our biggest clients. I will keep you posted on that if and when it develops.

Meanwhile, there’s an Old Man out there, hobbling around on a cane, selling agarbattis to end his pain.

Let’s help.

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  1. I agree. Whatever happened to our plan of half money from gifts budget to go to charity. Lets get that up again!