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I’m Samit, an award-winning modern marketing leader, with over 20 years of experience spanning advertising, digital, social media marketing, content marketing and brand management. I spent the first half of my career working my way up to lead creative teams in ad agencies. The latter half has been spent building my favourite brand, Google, from the inside-out.

I started writing What Is An Insight? way back, in 2009, as a way to learn and express my thoughts as I made the shift from traditional to digital marketing. In 2014, my blog kind of went defunct, as I completely lost the motivation (and time) to devote to it.

Today, as we shift towards modern marketing, I realise I have an opportunity to help people and teams accelerate that shift. By sharing all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained while developing scores of campaigns and winning hundreds of awards doing so. And thus accelerating my own learning in the process.

Welcome, to the new What Is An Insight?

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My strongest skill is the ability to learn, and connect previously unconnected dots. I intend to continue this journey, evolving my modern marketing skillset and exploring how Marketers can use AI to better ends. And I’ll share all of that with you.

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